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About Nick

I completed a number of counselling trainings in the early 1990s before doing the Relate Graduate Certificate in Couple Counselling in 2005.

I specialize in couples counselling only and estimate I have given more than 6000 relationship counselling sessions since that time both for Relate and in my private practice.

Clients comment on me being professional, warm, knowledgeable, caring and sensitive in my approach.

I create a safe environment where conflict is contained and couples can trust and feel secure in exploring their relationship and feelings with me.

"In London in 2011 I trained additionally in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) with it's founder Dr Sue Johnson and author of Hold Me Tight and The Love Secret. I now use EFT as the main focus of my counselling with couples and I am a qualified Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist.

Emotionally Focused Therapy works with relationships in a very personal, meaningful and effective way that gets to the heart of couple issues and is supported by 25 years of empirically validated scientific research into couple relationships.

It is one of the few models of couple therapy that has outcome data and a success rate.

A recent meta-analysis of the best studies of EFT found that 70-73% of couples to be recovered from marital distress and 90% of couples to have significantly improved."

I am a founding member of the BEFT Centre - the recently formed British Emotionally Focused Centre. BEFT promotes Emotionally Focused Therapy in Britain to clients looking for couple counselling, therapists interested in training in EFT as well as organisations involved in the delivery of social care.

In addition to my couple work I have also trained and worked in family mediation and alternative dispute resolution.

For an appointment please Call 07890 850563 or e-mail me at

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